Welcome to McGrattan Piling and Supplies Ltd

McGrattan Piling and Supplies specialises in the design, supply and installation of temporary and permanent sheet piling along with the supply and installation of steel bearing, king post and tubular piles. The company is part of the Aspin Group, which provides a broad range of specialist geotechnical design, installation and construction services throughout the UK.

McGrattan embraces the most current technology for the installation and removal of steel piling and provide complete design and construction packages for Retaining Walls, Cofferdams, Marine Piling and Foundation Piling.

Our construction methods are very effective and are achieved using our own equipment. Our Leader Rigs are capable of utilising a number of attachments which include, Resonance Free Vibrators, Impact Hammers, Pile Press, Auger Bored and Down the Hole Hammer. The appropriate attachment is selected according to the specific project requirements, ground conditions and pile type.

In addition we can deliver conventional methods including crane suspended vibrators and impact hammers. We also use floating plant excavator mounted vibrators and Movax hammers.

We pride ourselves on exceptional delivery and service for our customers. This service includes: Competitive pricing, Safe Working Practices, Quality Work, Innovative Design, Dedicated Plant and Speed of Response.

As leading innovators, we build up lasting relationships with our customers which is based on the value engineering of piling solutions.

As a company, we dedicate ourselves to making a difference to the construction industry through safe working practice, highly trained personnel and care for our delicate and rapidly changing environment.



Replacement of timber piles using timber pile clamp and variable moment piling rig

Replacement of timber piles using timber pile clamp and variable moment piling rig.




Land slip retention in Lanarkshire including capping beam

Land slip retention in Lanarkshire including capping beam.